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Anyone going to Europe alone in the next months?    08/19/18  (37)
Excluding Mandy, would you experience grief leaning TMF died?    08/19/18  (29)
A quick primer on why I actually poast here.    08/18/18  (21)
I've noticed more movies being panned because of PC culture lately    08/19/18  (20)
Pretty good chance Manafort is acquitted tomorrow    08/18/18  (19)
Is putting down <20% and paying PMI always a bad idea?    08/19/18  (17)
Astute foreign elites look down upon americans and make devastaing observations    08/19/18  (16)
What the fuck is up with such a low limit on 401k contributions    08/18/18  (16)
NYT acknowleges connection between race and IQ the jig is up    08/19/18  (14)
europe tp. new poaster. new day.    08/19/18  (13)
Pulled the trigger with the 3rd pond guy-- 1.2 acres 36k. [first day pics]    08/19/18  (13)
dinner at a "brewpub" in flyover, should i now finish night at a "cowboy bar?"    08/19/18  (12)
DTP taking questions on loneliness and misery (8/18/2018)    08/18/18  (11)
Georgia GOP closing polling stations that violate ADA    08/18/18  (11)
finally watched black panther    08/19/18  (10)
Probably the worst "roughing the passer" penalty call tonight (link)    08/19/18  (9)
You Bros have those community electric scooters for rent in your city?    08/19/18  (9)
The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic    08/18/18  (9)
Michael. Oh. Go to CHURCH    08/19/18  (8)
Can someone with a 135+ IQ please explain Bob Dylan to me, tyia    08/19/18  (8)
New Russian weapons porn for you bitches    08/18/18  (8)
TINYCHAT IS LIVE    08/19/18  (8)
cinci 8/18 *spoilers* #tennis    08/19/18  (8)
Libs have lost the culture war again: this is the most popular show on TV    08/18/18  (8)
Deep State didn't expect Trump to keep exposing them on twitter    08/18/18  (8)
WHO IS PENSIVE    08/19/18  (7)
Kid falling asleep for the night is literally the greatest thing in life    08/18/18  (7)
100% retiring as of this second    08/18/18  (7)
cord cutting takes a lot of prolefeed and lib insanity our of your life    08/18/18  (7)
Move over "Dad bod". Now college girls are lusting after weak watery cialis cum    08/18/18  (7)
ive deided i dont want friends anymore    08/19/18  (6)
"Uh, let us not forget that a uh reactionary Youtube video was made"    08/19/18  (6)
RATE Dr Federer's Soccer Header Skills (VID) #tennis    08/19/18  (6)
I'm drunk hit me up on the low 281 330 8004    08/18/18  (6)
new poaster. first day    08/19/18  (5)
Just had a girl bail on a date because I farted    08/19/18  (5)
Hello friends! Its hilarious how much people assume and how wrong they are    08/19/18  (5)
My uncle has a country place that no one knows about    08/19/18  (5)
Describe the worst gf you ever had and why she was the worst    08/18/18  (5)
Exeunt, 21 y/o fob asian girl invited me to Chicago. Should I go? (DTP)    08/18/18  (5)
hey boner police    08/18/18  (5)
see that bogan over there, son? she's all cashed up.    08/18/18  (5)
This crazy conspiracy theorist has been talking in my ear for 2 weeks    08/18/18  (5)
Aguirre the Wrath of God is 180    08/18/18  (5)
we need a catchy slogan to express Trump voter reluctance    08/19/18  (5)
If you don't do under eye treatments, get rope, tie a noose, and hang urself    08/18/18  (5)
New cars have really high HP ratings, good mpg, and feel slow    08/18/18  (5)
"Return the Slab" -billionaires to Michael O. Church    08/19/18  (4)
The opening credits from The Game and Succession are the same    08/19/18  (4)
Pull Up or Chin Up: which is better exercise ?    08/19/18  (4)