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Going out with UMC faggots is incredibly lame    02/17/18  (133)
Weird thing that I've noticed about SA.    02/17/18  (120)
Best car to buy in the 100-150k range?    02/17/18  (100)
Estimate the average HHI of BMW M3 buyers    02/17/18  (68)
any U of Minn grads want to tell me where the chill college bars at in dinkytown    02/17/18  (55)
This place has become very mean spirited: not just some pumos, the whole place    02/17/18  (48)
What's a childhood movie you watched a million times?    02/17/18  (48)
Normal for big firm lawyers to make $100 million in 12 years? (link)    02/16/18  (47)
If I poasted some puppydoods, would people even rate them    02/17/18  (45)
Wait, WHY did the Russians want xoTrump to win?    02/17/18  (43)
So Trumpmos basically glorp glorped memes created by Russians? LJL    02/17/18  (41)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson smugly tweets: Prayer is insufficient to protect children    02/17/18  (40)
xo is filled with low iq shitcons who literally believe in GOD    02/16/18  (40)
Nyuug, why is Japan superior to South Korea in virtually all metrics?    02/17/18  (39)
career tips for nojerb?    02/17/18  (39)
Explain thin white women who eat like shit    02/17/18  (38)
Did the Jews invent atheism?    02/17/18  (35)
Do women prefer sex, have clit rubbed, or have clit licked    02/16/18  (34)
If you cant make at least 150k as a lawyer something is wrong with you.    02/17/18  (33)
Blade Runner 2049 is really fucking good    02/17/18  (32)
Gibson Guitars facing imminent bankruptcy.    02/17/18  (31)
NLRB says Google engineer memo was "so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive    02/17/18  (30)
is it 'weird' for a 22 y/o to hang out with high schoolers?    02/17/18  (30)
marijuana legalization is wrong. It also has no legitimate medicinal properties    02/17/18  (29)
So it's confirmed: Ragnus's girlfriend is OBESE (DTP)    02/16/18  (28)
Google will only die when the web dies    02/17/18  (27)
My family and I are impoverished. Struggling to make ends meet.    02/17/18  (26)
whats a terrible movie that isn't even "good" in an ironic sense    02/16/18  (26)
whats a good movie    02/17/18  (26)
ragnus GF: 5'2, 171 lbs, complacent. me: 5'8, 136 lbs, still dieting.    02/16/18  (26)
on the actual bar, are there ever answer choices that are wrong bc "incomplete"?    02/17/18  (25)
Why are anti- globalist Trumpmos not mad at foreign interference?    02/16/18  (25)
went to the highest ranked law school in new york city. taking ?s    02/17/18  (24)
RATE my dinner tonight    02/16/18  (24)
new rule: any poster that dickrides RSF gets dragged out back and shot in the fa    02/17/18  (23)
JFC look at this price of this mansion.    02/16/18  (23)
Post your results to this sociopathy test    02/17/18  (22)
Just hired a cute latina personal servant (DDC)    02/17/18  (22)
White supremacist group lied about FL shooter being a member (link)    02/17/18  (22)
Trump Blocking AT&T Acquisition of TimeWarner to Spite CNN    02/16/18  (22)
31 yo biglawyer. Dating a 21 year old lower middle class nursing student. Marry?    02/17/18  (22)
The family attorney wore a Colin kaepernick jersey    02/17/18  (21)
Chevy Colorado - thinking of getting a truck    02/17/18  (20)
13 Russians indicted. That is not the stuff of witch hunts and hoaxes (CNN)    02/17/18  (20)
,:,.;.:..:.,:,::,. = worst, loneliest poster
   02/17/18  (20)
Honestly, I feel sorry for most of the people who still post here in 2018    02/17/18  (20)
British Islanders are the worst people in the entire world    02/17/18  (20)
France age of consent case: "She is 11 years old and not a child"    02/17/18  (19)
What are some technical biz skills I can learn to cop new job?    02/17/18  (19)
Best car under 40k    02/17/18  (19)